MHA Board of Directors

Jeffrey Thrash

       Jeffrey Thrash        Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Riley          MHA President      Director of Community Services, City of Buena Park

Margaret Riley

Dave Nichols          

Michelle Carlson Executive Director TEEN TALK

Michelle Carlson - photo
gina edler - photo

Gina Pastori               Sunovion Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Isa S. Hanna Retired/Community Volunteer

isa hannah - picture
Kelle Simonian

Kelle Simonian Community Volunteer

Alysha Loumakis-Calderon                      V.P. ISYS/Career Smart Inc.

alysha l - picture
Howard Mirowitz

Howard Mirowitz Finance

Rosemary Neilsen Social Worker – City of Buena Park

Rosemary Neilsen
Eric Nussbaum - picture

Eric Nussbaum, J.D.  I.T. Specialist

Sherri Nussbaum Retired/Community Volunteer

sherri nussbaum - photo
Andrew Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen          City of Anaheim            Sr. Strategic/Financial      Planning Analyst

Jeannine Loucks    Psychiatric Nursing

jeannine loucks
Wade Small 1

Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP                              MHA Advocacy

Muriel Ullman       Housing and Homeless Consultant