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MHA Programs and Services

MHA continuum of programs and services follow the psychosocial rehabilitation, recovery and wellness model, which builds upon client strengths and encourages client choices.  MHA treats the person, not the illness and emphasizes abilities rather than disabilities.

Back to Work
MHA’s Back to Work program maximizes job placement and retention through various supportive services, pre and post placement activities and job coaching. Referrals are made through MHA Homeless Multi-Service Center, County of Orange Clinics and County Contract agencies. Program’s “open door” policy welcomes clients who return for new employment needs.Tim Sclavo 714.234.9082
Clubhouse Programs
Clubhouses compliment the Outpatient Recovery Centers and are located in Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and Lake Forest and open to anyone reveiving services from the County of Orange or its contracting partners. The Clubhouse is member driven, designed and operated solely by mental health clients. The Clubhouse provides a supportive environment, a self-help and empowering setting, which focuses on the strength of individuals with social, recreational activities, education and programs which help to realize each members potential.Minnie Lucas 714.234.9079
Hearing Advocacy
This program provides trained volunteer hearing advocates for all Orange County’s probable cause hearings regarding involuntary hospital stays. Advocates fulfill a state-mandated role in explaining the hearing and supporting patients through the process. Advocates enable clients to have fair and impartial hearings based on criteria for the holds.
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Homeless Multi-Service Center
The Homeless Multi-Service Center is open 365 days a year, 6am – 3pm serving meals, providing showers, laundry, access to county mental health clinics as well as telephone and address contact to persons who are homeless and have a severe and persistent mental illness. Student nurses from 5 nursing colleges, rotate through the mulit-service center providing health education, hypertension and blood sugar testing and first aid, to fulfill community nursing curriculum requirements. Supportive services; back to work, housing assistance, substance abuse counseling and SSI benefits assistance are provided.Juan Lopez 714.668.1530
Homeless Outreach
Homeless Outreach team provides linkage with other providers, shelter and income resources for homeless persons with a mental illness. Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) Team builds rapport with the most treatment resistant of the homeless They distribute hygiene items, non-perishable food, water, socks, blankets and limited clothing along with other resources and meet individuals in parks, feeding sites and other homeless enclaves. Psychosocial philosophy approaches each client, meeting their momentary needs while introducing additional resources.Juan Lopez 714.668.1530
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Housing Program
Housing program is unique in Orange County in its ability to assist homeless individuals suffering from a mental illness transition out of homelessness and emergency shelters into permanent, independent housing. Staff assists clients with housing options, provides transportation for housing search, negotiates with landlords, prepares clients for independent living, assists in Section 8 housing application, collects donated furniture and household items and provides case management for successful long-term placement.Darlene Powell 714.234.9074
MHA – Project Together Mentor Program
The Mental Health Association Project Together Mentor Program (MHA-PT) provides mentoring services for children, youth and families that are receiving mental health treatment through the County of Orange Health Care Agency, Children & Youth Services (CYS) and CYS contracted programs. Mentors are matched with children and youth receiving mental health treatment from the County of Orange Health Care Agency, Children and Youth Services and its’ contract agencies. Project Together provides a safe, ethical and professional mentor program for the minor client, and their parents/care givers.Xochlit Diaz 714.836.0355
Outpatient Recovery Center
MHA operates multiple Orange County Outpatient Recovery Centers that provide quality care treatment for psychiatric disorders. Psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and consumers offer treatment, support and education.
Costa MesaGina Svicarovich 949.646.9227
Garden GroveLiz Youn 714.638.8277
Lake ForestEdgar Riviera 949.458.2715
Representative Payee Program
This program is approved by the Social Security Administration and provides financial case management services to disabled individuals to assure appropriate use of income to address needs and strengthen basic skills and money management.Darlene Powell 714.234.9074
Resource and Referral
This community service links callers to MHA programs and services, county mental health clinics, local agencies and organizations, psychiatric facilities, support groups and other requested information.Melanie Infante 714.547.7559
SSI Benefits Assistance Program
Staff assists mental health clients unable to work, due to mental illness, through the application process for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and any/all subsequent follow-up needed for approval. All referrals are made through Orange County Health Care Agency and contracting partners.Christina Bennett 714.568.0082