Minnie’s Story


Minnie came to MHA’s Homeless program after struggling with hearing voices and paranoia that eventually caused her to become homeless.  The program provided her with shelter, benefits and taught her about her mental illness and how to manage the symptoms.  Minnie began to attend a support group at MHA that helped her connect with other people like her with schizophrenia and panic disorder.  She began helping out at the MHA office by answering phones and managing mail as part of her therapy, which allowed her to overcome previously held fears.

Soon thereafter, MHA helped unite Minnie with her family, whom she talked to and educated on her mental illness.  As a result, she and her mom began to volunteer with MHA to give back.  Minnie began voluntarily running 18 groups out of her home under the Project Return program.  It wasn’t long before MHA hired Minnie to direct these groups at one of their sites, making her a full time employee.  She grew to oversee 6 programs and has recently celebrated her 25 year anniversary as a MHA employee.  “MHA is like a big family,” says Minnie.  “Working with MHA has been like my second home”.


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